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Our newest bible story book is now available for purchase!

Our newest bible story book is now available for purchase!


Bible Stories by Nathan J. Langerak
Illustrated by Michael Welply


Stories of salvation and might: The creation of the world, God’s word to Adam and Eve after the fall, the worldwide flood, God raising up Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, God’s provision of manna in the wilderness, and the Jews’ return home after seventy years of captivity—these are all saving acts of Jehovah towards his covenant people in the Old Testament. And they all show one of God’s most important perfections: though his people often sin against him and are unfaithful, God is always faithful to his covenant promises he makes with his people in Jesus Christ.

The first book in the Tell His Wonders series of Bible stories, the stories and accompanying illustrations in Jehovah’s Mighty Acts are a tool for parents of the church to use in the instruction of their children about the theme and truth of Jehovah’s mighty acts of salvation in the Old Testament, mighty acts which pointed to the mightiest act of all—salvation in Jesus Christ.

96 pages
Retail: $24.95
Book club: $21.21
(NOTE: This book is being sent automatically to book club members. A notice had gone out prior to this book's release about the option of opting out of receiving this title).
NATHAN J. LANGERAK is a minster in the Protestant Reformed Churches of America. He is the author of Walking in the Way of Love, a two-volume commentary on the book of 1 Corinthians. He and his wife and their six children live in Crete, Illinois.

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