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May 1, 2018 Standard Bearer issue preview

May 1, 2018 Standard Bearer issue preview

Christ’s voluntary sacrifice on the cross points to God’s great love toward us. He sees us in our misery and sets himself to deliver us and give to us abundant life. He came so that we might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. Abundant life is nothing less than the fullness of joy in the Father’s presence, ultimately life in eternity. That is what the cross is about.

Now when we see Christ crucified, we must know he is not like the hireling who does not care for the sheep. Rather, let us see him as our Shepherd who loves us and gave himself for us. Christ’s voluntary sacrifice manifests his everlasting love to us. What wondrous love is this!

—Read Rev. John Marcus’ article entitled ‘Christ’s voluntary sacrifice’ in the upcoming May 1, 2018 issue of the Standard Bearer.


Dispensational premillennialism is false doctrine concerning the truth of the last days, or end. It is false doctrine in its fantasy of a rapture of the church off the earth and out of history at any moment, importantly before the rise and raging of Antichrist.

It is false doctrine in its assurance of members of the church that they will escape the great tribulation of the last days under the Antichrist.

This false eschatology is no minor matter. It not only fails to prepare the members of the church for the coming conflict with the beasts of Revelation 13, but it also blinds the churches to the signs of the rising of the beast out of the sea and the establishing of his antichristian kingdom as this rising takes place before our very eyes at the present hour.

—Read more in the upcoming article ‘Fundamental Reformed critique of premillennialism’ by Prof. David Engelsma in the upcoming May 1, 2018 issue of the Standard Bearer.

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