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An easy read from the RFPA

An easy read from the RFPA

From Hull, Iowa to Oak Lawn, Illinois; from Manhattan, Montana to Grand Rapids, Michigan; and from Redlands, California to Hudsonville, Michigan, this memoir tells the story of Rev. Cornelius Hanko’s life and forty-eight years in the ministry.

But Rev. Hanko does not just tell his own history. He recalls the story of the Protestant Reformed Churches during the 20th century. From the perspective of a long-serving pastor, we are given anecdotes and stories of the people Rev. Hanko loved and served in the Midwest and the far West, and we hear a first-hand account of two heart-wrenching church splits—in which Rev. Hanko and many others remained unwaveringly committed to the truth of sovereign grace.

In a very accessible way, this book brings Protestant Reformed church history to life.

Purchase a copy of Less Than the Least: Memoirs of Cornelius Hanko in hardcover or ebook format.


Hardcover retail: $24.95

Hardcover Book club: $16.22 USA | $17.46 International

Ebook retail: $24.95

Ebook Book club: $2.99 USA & International

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