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It shall be well with the righteous

It shall be well with the righteous

"...[Solomon] says, '…yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him' (v. 12). The fear of God is the beginning and true foundation of wisdom. It is the way of blessing. He repeats the idea: there is the person, the God-fearer, and there is his walking by faith in true wisdom fearing before God. By implication he turns from the way of evil to walk by faith in childlike obedience. For he is not only a God-fearer, but of them 'which fear before him.' He lives consciously as one who stands in the presence of God, the King, hearkens to his Word, trusts his grace, and walks in that fear before him. 

By faith Solomon can say of them that fear God, “that it shall be well with them” (v. 12). God’s grace and favor shine upon them now, and though their days are also as a shadow in time, under the sun, yet their end is blessed.

Such confidence of faith is needed, for we walk by faith in God’s promises not by our own understanding in what is seen under the sun."

—Rev. Thomas Miersma

Look for this article, It shall be well with the righteous, in your January 15, 2018 issue of The Standard Bearer.

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