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God’s Armor for Us: The footwear

God’s Armor for Us: The footwear

Our spiritual footwear that allows us to move about in battle is “the preparedness or readiness of the gospel of peace.” The gospel of peace makes us prepared and ready to fight. When God declares peace in the gospel, and the Spirit applies that peace to the heart of the believer so that he enjoys peace with God and is determined to live in peace with his neighbor, he is prepared for war. If you have peace with God and to the utmost of your power strive to live peaceably with others, then you assail Satan. If your heart is peace-less and war-full, you will falter when battle draws near. The footwear that helps us maintain or advance our battle position is the preparedness worked by the peace of the gospel.

—Read more in the upcoming ‘God’s armor for us: The footwear’ article by Rev. Brian Huizinga in the upcoming April 1, 2018 issue of the Standard Bearer.      

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