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"Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root": Interviews with Don Veitch

Correction 7/11/23: Rev. Veitch's bio has been edited to reflect his current denominational affiliation with the Free Church of England Evangelical Connection. 


Looking for something to watch for an hour or two this weekend? Check out this set of YouTube interviews from February and March of 2023, in which author David Engelsma and host Don Veitch dive into Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root (2012). The links to those interviews and to the book featured in the discussion are included below. 

Watch the first interview on YouTube here.
Watch the second interview on YouTube here.


During the interview, Veitch notes that he "most highly recommend[s] Prof. Engelsma's 'Covenant and Election in the Reformed Tradition,' 'Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root,' and 'Gospel Truth of Justification.' The latter...will live on for at least 100 years as a #1 go-to on 'justification by faith alone apart from the works of the law.'" Find those books by clicking their links, or peruse the RFPA catalog here!


Federal Vision is an exploration of the contemporary heresy of the federal vision that is wreaking havoc on Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America. The author exposes the root of that heresy (a conditional covenant) and sets forth the truth of the unconditional covenant, proclaiming the Reformation’s gospel of salvation by grace alone. 


David J. Engelsma is a pastor and professor emeritus in the Protestant Reformed Churches. He has authored many RFPA publications.

Don Veitch maintains a YouTube channel with over 100,000 views which he uses to conduct interviews with Reformed theologians, break down Bible commentaries, and catalog Christian doctrine. A former Navy chaplain, he is an ordained member of the Free Church of England Evangelical Connection and holds multiple degrees in theology and religion. He is not affiliated with the RFPA.


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