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Correction for The Standard Bearer, April 1 2021

Correction for The Standard Bearer, April 1 2021

Attention all readers of The Standard Bearer, there was an omission in the article by Rev. Cory Griess that appeared in the April 1 issue. This unintentional error was a formatting error that led to an omission. In this case, the omission is a blank line ____________. It appears at the top of p.304, 2nd column, beginning with the sentence "The preaching must also call...."

Here is the way it should read: "The preaching must also call God’s people to gratitude-driven resolve to walk in the right way of obedience in response to the gospel. It must be able to say (without fear) that _____ is to be expected in this way, and _____ is to be expected in rebellion against this way; therefore, walk in this way!"

We apologize, and we hope that you benefited from the magazine.

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