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Born for Our Salvation by Rev. McGeown – ebook now available!

Born for Our Salvation by Rev. McGeown – ebook now available!

Based on the gospel narratives from Matthew and Luke,  this book tells the story of the greatest miracle in history: the incarnation, birth, and childhood of Jesus Christ, the Savior born for our salvation!


"The great strength of the book…is its captivating account of the history of Christ’s birth. Christianity is a faith based not in abstract and speculative ideas, but in real events unfolding in real time. Pastor McGeown makes the narrative of Christ’s birth come alive."

—Rev. Joseph Holstege, pastor of Zion PRC, Jenison, MI

"The book exhibits the exegetical excellence, clarity of expression, and beautiful simplicity that we have come to expect from this writer in his other volumes."

—Rev. Jonathan Langerak, pastor of Heritage PRC, Sioux Falls, SD

"If you only have time to read one book this Christmas season, I recommend Born For Our Salvation. McGeown’s writing style is clear; his exegesis is sober; his applications are convicting and edifying. People of all ages…will find the book understandable and encouraging."

—Rev. Stephen Regnerus, pastor of Lynden PRC, Lynden, WA


Hard copy coming soon…

Ebook now available!

NOTE: If you are a hard copy book club member, the ebook is free!

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