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A simple, poetic exposition of baptism

A simple, poetic exposition of baptism

Reformed Baptism Form

If you are a Reformed Christian, you are probably familiar with the biblical form read at baptism. Witnessing the baptism of others is important, but what is this sacrament really about, and how does it relate to you personally?

The Reformed Baptism Form: A Commentary explains each part of the baptism form, setting forth and applying the covenant of grace, the foundation of baptism.

As the author wrote, “The ardent desire of my heart is that…many people reading this work learn to regard baptism more purely…and more zealously plead the covenantal promises on behalf of believers and their children, before the throne of him who calls himself I Am That I Am."


“Wielenga wrote for his people not for scholars. He wrote to edify the churches….His commentary is clear and faithful in its exposition, simple and poetic in its expressions, moving in its exhortations, scholarly in its comment and controversy, and generally sound in theology.”—Rev. Nathan J. Langerak, minister in the Protestant Reformed Churches

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