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A book on marriage for “laypersons and preachers alike”

A book on marriage for “laypersons and preachers alike”

Marriage: The Mystery of Christ and the Church is a Reformed pastor’s instruction and exhortation to married couples, especially young married couples, with the purpose that they glorify God in their marriages and enjoy the bliss of this blessed communion of life.

Section 1: The Biblical Gospel of Marriage, includes the following topics:

  • The Christian man as husband
  • The Christian woman as wife
  • Sex in marriage
  • The unbreakable marriage bond

Section 2 is a history of the church’s doctrine and practice of marriage from Augustine and the early church through Calvin and the Reformation to the contemporary lawlessness.


“The book [has] a theological depth and seriousness often lacking in non-Reformed books on this subject.”—Reformed Herald

“A book that says many biblical things about sex, children, family, the mystery of marriage. Recommended for laypersons and preachers alike.”—The Reformed Journal

“Faithfully reflect[s] the teachings of God’s Word on marriage.”—The Banner

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