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A book about baptism for people in the pew

A book about baptism for people in the pew

Many of us belong to congregations where baptisms occur several times each year. But what is the deeper significance of this sacrament? Why is it important that we witness infant baptism as adult believers?

Bastiaan Wielenga explains his reason for writing in his preface: "The ardent desire of my heart is that…many people reading this work learn to regard baptism more purely, appreciate it more warmly, and more zealously plead the covenantal promises on behalf of believers and their children, before the throne of him who calls himself I Am That I Am."


"Every young parent…would do well to read this book. It would be worthwhile for married couples to read this book as they rear the covenant seed. And it would warm the hearts of all Reformed church members to read this book carefully and devotionally, whether they have children or not, for the doctrine of the covenant and of salvation is the joy of our souls."—Rev. Martyn McGeown

"[This book] is not a deep theological treatise. It was written for the people in the pew. Anyone who reads this volume will be greatly benefited."—Rev. Jerome Julien

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