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Gottschalk: Servant of God - Now Available!

Gottschalk: Servant of God - Now Available!

Gottschalk: Servant of God

written and illustrated by Connie L. Meyer

For several years the RFPA has discussed publishing books for younger readers and Gottschalk: Servant of God represents our first effort. This book is intended for junior high and high school ages. Because the story is intriguing and the history of Gottschalk is not well-known, adults will also enjoy this book and find it profitable.

Retail: $17.95
Book Club: $11.67

  • 160 pages
  • original illustrations and maps drawn by the author
  • makes a great Christmas gift

Those were the Dark Ages, the days of knights and castles and kings and queens, of monasteries, Vikings, and monks. The days were spiritually dark. True doctrine was hard to come by, if not nearly lost. But there was a light. A clear beam of understanding and truth reflected from one monastery, from one courtroom, from one dungeon–from one man. This is a story of courage, of faith, and of love for the truth. This is the story of Gottschalk, the monk from Orbais.


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