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Cover picture of Delegates to Synod 2014:
Left-to-right: Rev. C. Haak, H. Langerak, Rev. D. Kuiper, Rev. W. Langerak, P. VanDerSchaaf, G. VanBaren, J. Regnerus, Prof. B. Gritters,
Rev. M. McGeown, Rev. A. Brummel, J. Decker, L. Uittenboggard, D. Terpstra, Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. C. Spronk, J. Lenting, Rev. R. VanOverloop,
N. Kleyn, A. Bylsma, Prof. R. Cammenga, Rev. K. Koole, Rev. S. Key, Lee Wong Wee, Rev. Laning, Prof. R. Dykstra



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