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Leveled Membership FAQs

Leveled Membership FAQs

1. How many books would I get as a leveled member?

The chart below shows you how many books come with Level 1 membership and how many books come with Level 2 membership. As a thank you for signing up, leveled members also get to pick out some additional free books from our Complimentary Books Catalog.*

Level 1  


Level 2 


Books in membership 


Free books from the Complimentary Books Catalog*



*Please note that the free books from the Complimentary Books Catalog are only available to those who sign up for the leveled membership program between now and October 15, 2022.


2. What’s the difference between the book club and leveled membership program?

Unlike book club members, leveled members have the option to select whichever books from the RFPA catalog they would like to purchase—four books for Level 1 members, and eight books for Level 2 members.

However, Level 1 and Level 2 members can still opt to receive books automatically: for Level 1 members, the four traditional “book club titles” that are released each year, and for Level 2 members, the four book club titles plus any books beyond these titles published during the year, including children’s books.

Another added bonus of leveled membership are magazine subscriptions: Level 1 membership includes a subscription to the Standard Bearer. Level 2 membership includes a subscription to the Standard Bearer and a subscription to Ignited by the Word.

3. How long are you offering free books to people who sign up for the leveled membership program?

Anyone who signs up for our leveled membership program before October 15, 2022 will be given the opportunity to pick out free books as a thank you for signing up.

4. As a leveled member, may I select multiple copies of one title from the Complimentary Books Catalog?

Absolutely! In fact, if you have a favorite book or books that you would like to give as a gift, this is a great way to do so. Level 1 members can choose two copies of the same title, and Level 2 members can choose up to 4 copies of the same title, OR 2 books of one title and 2 books of another title.

5. Do I get to choose which books I get as a leveled member?

Yes, you have the choice to pick which books you will receive as part of your membership. Anything in the RFPA catalog can be selected as one of your four books (Level 1) or eight books (Level 2). If you choose to pick your books, we will contact you whenever a new book comes out so that you can let us know if you would like to include it in your membership.

6. May I select multiple copies of one title from the complete catalog if I opt to choose which books I get as a leveled member?

Yes, you may select as many of one title as you would like if you decide to pick and choose your books as a leveled member.

7. Am I allowed to purchase additional books, after the books included in my leveled membership? Do I get a discounted rate on those books?

You may purchase as many additional books as you’d like. After you have received the books in your membership, you will be able to purchase any RFPA title at 35% off the retail price. You also get free shipping on every order!

8. How does my membership benefit me?

Joining the leveled membership program gives you access to sound, biblical materials that will help you grow in your knowledge of the Reformed faith and which will strengthen your trust in Jesus Christ. You will also have access to books from our complete catalog which you can use in personal evangelism or as gifts to friends and family who are building their own Reformed libraries. Another added perk to membership is that you no longer need to remember whether you paid your invoice for a new book or for your magazine subscription! Your annual payment or monthly payments for leveled membership cover the cost of your book and magazine(s).

9. I’m a book club member and I just want to keep getting all the books. How do I do that?

We recommend signing up for one of our membership levels. Level 1 members receive the four books that book club members do; Level 2 members receive all of these books, plus the four additional titles the RFPA publishes through the year, including children’s books.

10. Is my Standard Bearer subscription included in my membership?

Yes, a Standard Bearer subscription is included in the cost of both Level 1 and Level 2 memberships, and you do not have to pay a separate fee for your subscription. If you are already subscribing to the Standard Bearer, your subscription will automatically renew if you join the membership program.

11. I’m a Standard Bearer subscriber, but I want to become a leveled member. How does this work with payment?

Your Standard Bearer subscription will reset for another year when you become a leveled member.

12. I signed up for leveled membership but I haven’t been receiving an esubscription to the Standard Bearer. How do I access my esubscription?

Please contact the RFPA office (616-457-5970 or to begin receiving your esubscription.

13. How can I subscribe to Ignited by the Word, the RFPA’s children’s magazine?

Consider signing up for a Level 2 membership, which includes a subscription to Ignited by the Word. Alternatively, you can sign up for just a subscription to Ignited by the Word here:

14. I’m a book club member. Do I have to switch to leveled membership?

At this time, there is no requirement to become a leveled member if you are currently a book club member.

15. How does my membership benefit the RFPA?

When you become a leveled member, your monthly or yearly subscription goes directly to supporting the work of the RFPA. The consistent income we receive from the membership program is used not only to defray our standard operational costs. It also allows us to take on additional projects that will bring Reformed, biblical material to an even broader audience. These projects include audiobooks, translations, and illustrated children’s books.

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