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"All declare the glory of God"

“All creatures reflect God's glory and tell us something of the heavenly kingdom ... all creatures in the universe, great and small whether telescopical or microscopical, are so many characters, signs, letters, or words which lead us to contemplate God! The whole universe is God-environed and God-oriented. The things of God are understood by the things that are made. Study such a great object as the sun, or consider the infinitesimal creatures in a drop of water: each one of these creatures is the embodiment of a divine thought. A flower is a word of God. The moon is another word of God. Every creature in the universe is the incorporation of a word of God. Every creature in the universe as to its being and essence is a symbol of something heavenly and spiritual. The creature is a signature of God. For the word ‘signs’ (othoth) means an engraving, a mark, an instruction. God could not create or make a creature without it expressing a divine thought. For God cannot make a mute word; He cannot make a ‘brute fact;’ He cannot make a mere abstraction. A vacuous, meaningless creature is unthinkable and impossible. For all things were made by the Logos, the Word, the divine Thought of the Triune God, and without Him was not anything made which has been made. All things were made by Him, and all declare the glory of God. They are all expressions which sing His praise."

Robert C. Harbach , Studies in the Book of Genesis, pp. 27-28.


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