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A Reformation Day read for kids and adults

A Reformation Day read for kids and adults

Are you looking for a book to teach your kids about the Reformation? Letters from Katie Luther tells the story of the wife of the most famous reformer of all time.

Katie’s story is also an important lesson for all of God’s children: trust in the Lord in times of joy and in times of struggle; he strengthens the hearts of all who hope in him.



“Mrs. Casemier has written a gem! From the heart of one who knows young girls, especially through her years as a Christian schoolteacher, and who knows the calling of a Christian wife through her years of marriage to her godly husband, our hearts and minds are uplifted…Along the way, you will be reminded of the history of the Reformation—history worth being reminded of.”Ronald Cammenga, The Standard Bearer

“This is a book great for any family that wants to learn more about Martin Luther and his family. The struggles they faced and the way they relied on God through it all.”—Amanda Hopkins, Hopkins Homeschool blog

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