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Christmas Highlights

Christmas Highlights

Born for Our Salvation: The Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ

Follow the inspired evangelists, Matthew and Luke, as they relate the wonderful events that surround the birth and early childhood of Jesus Christ. Marvel at the announcement of the angel Gabriel. Rejoice with Mary, Elizabeth, the unborn John, and Joseph. Trace the steps of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, where the Savior is born. Listen to the heavenly song of the angelic host as they announce the gospel to lowly shepherds. Meet patient Simeon and aged Anna in the temple, and hear Simeon’s mysterious prophecy of the Savior’s rejection. Make the long trek from the east with the wise men who eagerly seek him that is born King of the Jews. Enter the palace of ruthless King Herod and witness his satanic enmity against the newborn Savior. Flee with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to Egypt to escape the king’s wrath. Observe Jesus’ childhood development in Nazareth, and, finally, accompany Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem in his twelfth year, where he must be about his Father’s business.

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The Mystery of Bethlehem

Marvelously free of worldly Christmas sentiments, this meditation focuses on the great wonder of Christ's birth as a fulfillment of God's promise to save his people. In this beautiful devotional, the reader is led through the mysterious circumstances and events surrounding Jesus' birth to contemplate God's faithfulness.

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