Audio now available online! RFPA Annual Meeting: The Importance of Knowing Church History

We are excited to report a good turnout and an edifying assembly for our annual association meeting, held on September 25, 2014 at Grandville Protestant Reformed Church in Grandville, MI.

Eighty association members were present and, by God's grace, we experienced the growth of 6 new association members; young, new members! What an encouragement to see the younger generation taking an interest in the important work of the RFPA!

Board president Michael Bosveld opened the evening with prayer, followed by Rev. Clayton Spronk's timely speech entitled "The Importance of Knowing Church History" and reports by the RFPA board secretary and treasurer.

The audio recording of the speech is available for download on The audio of the entire meeting is available at our website on the Annual Meeting Speeches page. The text of the speech and the reports are being published in upcoming issues of the Standard Bearer.


Just Dad: Stories of Herman Hoeksema


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This book will be a Book Club release and will be available early December 2014.

Many people are familiar with the public persona of Herman Hoeksema. As one of the leading theologians of the twentieth century, a seminary professor, the pastor of a large congregation, and a prolific writer, he was well-known in ecclesiastical circles, as well as in the world in general. But to his family he was “just Dad.” This anecdotal biography written by his youngest child records many stories about him, some perhaps familiar but others never before told.

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THIS WEEK! - RFPA Annual Meeting: The Importance of Reading Church History


In the Nicene Creed the church confesses that there is only “one holy catholic and apostolic church.” This means that the Christian faith and life of the true church of Jesus Christ as she is manifested today in various denominations and congregations is rooted in the church of the past. Times may have changed but the church today shares with the church of the past the same Lord, the same faith, the same battle, the same hope, and the same purpose—to bring glory to name of our great God. The church must be conscious of her past history in order to be sure that she is continuing on the right path. In other words the study of church history is important.

The study of church history is all the more important because of the constant attack of enemies who seek to knock her off of the “old paths.” Satan desires that the members of the church be ignorant of their history. Lack of interest in church history plays into the evil one’s hands. Church history can then be distorted and used to spread false doctrine and support wicked behavior, as is often attempted today. The study of church history is an important part of the battle of faith she must wage to remain faithful to God.

That the church carries on this battle and remains faithful to God is of course not due at all to her own strength. God’s is the glory for his sovereign work through Jesus Christ of gathering, defending, and preserving his church. Do you confess you are and always will be a living member of the one holy catholic and apostolic church of Jesus Christ? Then church history is the history of God’s amazing faithfulness to you. So reading church history is important—to know what God has done—to thank God for what he has done.

THIS MEETING WILL BE LIVESTREAMED at Grandville PR Church's website.


Meeting location:

Grandville Protestant Reformed Church (Map)
4320 40th Street SW
Grandville, MI 49418


Take a Tour: Where Reformed Literature is Published

Ever wonder where all of our books are published? Come take a tour of our office!



1. Our office is headquartered in Jenison, Michigan, on a quiet side street. Stop in for a visit! We'd love to show you around. 
2. This building was constructed in late 2005, and in January of 2006, the RFPA moved from the basement of the Protestant Reformed Church seminary to this beautiful facility.
3. The main office area is the center of publishing activity.
4. Right inside the door, a beautifully crafted bookcase houses all of our titles for our customers and visitors to browse. 


5. The kitchenette seen in the background is stocked with coffee, soda, and some sweet treats for the staff and board members.
6. The front reception desk always displays our new releases and current specials.
7. The board room is used for RFPA board and committee meetings. The monitor and webcam were purchased in 2012 for presentation and video conferencing purposes.
8. A certain quantity of each book is staged for packing in the packing room.  
9-11. The warehouse holds most of our Reformed literature, all neatly organized and inventoried. Visitors love to check out the warehouse when they stop in. Just think, all of these Reformed books are ready to ship to eager readers all over the world! Also in the warehouse is our stash of shipping supplied, the Standard Bearer archives, and miscellaneous equipment.

So there you have it! Come stop in sometime and see it for yourself. We'd love to have you!

(A special thanks to Studio Five Photography for these wonderful photos!)


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