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God’s Goodness Always Particular

This book is Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s defense of particular grace over against the teaching of common grace, set forward by the Rev. Daniel Zwier in the periodical De Wachter. In the 1930s Rev. Zwier attempted to show how a denial of common grace was unscriptural. He charged that Rev. Hoeksema and those who followed him were guilty of rationalism, faulty exegesis, and bad theology.

Read and gain new appreciation for the truth that God’s goodness is always particular.


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Remembering the Schism of 1953: Historical Sermons and Lectures Now Available!

You may have noticed that we added a new set of sermons and lectures to the Heritage Recordings audio collection. The sermons and lectures listed in this category are a commemorative set regarding the Schism of 1953 within the Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA). The issue was the gospel of salvation by sovereign, particular grace in regard to the covenant of God with the children of believers as signified and sealed in the baptism of infants.

The two main warriors of the controversy were Rev. Herman Hoeksema (defending an unconditional covenant, the view upheld and taught within the PRCA) and Rev. Hubert DeWolf (defending a conditional covenant). This collection features the sermons and lectures given by these two men during and after this upheaval within the PRCA.

Two of our books, A Watered Garden and For Thy Truth's Sake, deal extensively with this controversy in the context of the history of the PRCA. To learn more about the doctrine of the covenant of grace as taught by the PRCA, click here. To provide you with some historical context, click here for a timeline of important events and dates pertinent to the Schism of 1953.


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