A fitting book for the times in which we live

When we consider the state of church and the world in which we live, it is clear that we live in the last days. What better part of the Bible to study in the new year then, than 2 Peter— a book that teaches us about the knowledge of God and applying that knowledge in the end times?

Knowing God in the Last Days is a brief 85-page, readable commentary on this important epistle. Take up and read, and grow in the knowledge of God.

“This little book ought to be read slowly because there is so much to unpack. I highly recommend it.”—Dr. Julian Kennedy


Studies in Hebrews

Studies in Hebrews

Study Guide

by Mark H. Hoeksema

The epistle to the Hebrews is one of the more difficult books of the Bible to interpret. Yet it is important to study, primarily because it helps us to understand the relation between the Old and New Testaments. Those who sometimes struggle with the interpretation, but who nevertheless persevere, will find in Hebrews the rich fruit of learning and edification. The main theme of Hebrews is the relation between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Two sub-themes present themselves. One is the concept better, a term used twelve times in the epistle to help define the relation between the testaments. The other is the emphasis on faith as contrasted with sight. This theme runs throughout the epistle and is particularly evident in the classic chapter eleven.

  • 96 pages
  • paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-944555-28-3
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Upcoming Book Releases!

    Corrupting the Word of God

    by Herman Hanko & Mark H. Hoeksema

    Does the eternal, unchangeable, all-powerful, and sovereign God really have a temporal, changeable and weak desire to save those whom he has unconditionally reprobated (Rom. 9:22), for whom the Son did not die (John 12:31) and whom the Holy Spirit will not regenerate, sanctify or glorify (John 3:8)?

    Pelagianism, semi-Pelagianism, Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Anabaptism, Arminianism, Amyraldism, and Marrowism say yes to the well-meant offer of the gospel. The biblical, Augustinian, Reformed, and creedal position is no!

    Emeritus professor of church history, Herman Hanko, guides us through fascinating doctrinal controversies in the early, Reformation and modern eras of the church, taking us to North Africa, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and America, and emphasizing the teaching of the great theologians, such as Augustine and John Calvin, on God’s particular grace, which is always irresistible and never fails or is frustrated.

    In dealing with the historical perspective of God's absolutely sovereign grace versus the well-meant offer, this book fills a gap in the literature, and does so in a way that is warm and easily understood.

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    Called to Watch for Christ's Return

    by New Author: Martyn McGeown

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    A few days before Jesus gave his life on the cross, his disciples asked, “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” (Matt. 24:3). Christ responded with the Olivet Discourse, a detailed teaching on the doctrine of the last things.

    We need to understand the signs of Christ’s coming for our comfort as we look for “that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).

    Christ had two concerns. First, his disciples must know the signs of his coming, which are footsteps of his approach. But Christ is not satisfied with mere “sign-gazing,” which can lead to speculation and idle, foolish living. He did not give signs to satisfy our curiosities, but so that we will be ready for him when he returns. Therefore, Christ’s second concern was the readiness of his disciples, which is expressed in his urgent and repeated warnings to watch for his coming in light of the signs.

    Watch, pray, and serve the Lord with an eye to the signs of his return!

    This book will be released December 2016 and will NOT be automatically sent to all Book Club members.

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