Books about the last days

The beginning of sorrows

We live in troubled times. But the church is not troubled. Christ teaches us that disease and pandemic are signs of his blessed return!

Books about the last days

In Called to Watch for Christ's Return learn about the signs Christ gave his disciples of his coming and what it means to be ready for his return. This commentary is an exposition of Jesus’ teachings to his disciples in Matthew 24 and 25.

Behold, He Cometh!: If you are daunted by the symbolism in the book of Revelation, read this commentary. It is clear and understandable, and you will be comforted by this truth—though the world may seem to be out of control, our God is sovereign and he controls all things.


A fitting book for the times in which we live

When we consider the state of church and the world in which we live, it is clear that we live in the last days. What better part of the Bible to study in the new year then, than 2 Peter— a book that teaches us about the knowledge of God and applying that knowledge in the end times?

Knowing God in the Last Days is a brief 85-page, readable commentary on this important epistle. Take up and read, and grow in the knowledge of God.

“This little book ought to be read slowly because there is so much to unpack. I highly recommend it.”—Dr. Julian Kennedy


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