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December 15, 2019 Standard Bearer preview article

Protestant Reformed Missions: The War Years

Mission Work Flounders (1940-1946): 5

There are various legitimate means evangelism committees and mission committees use to spread the gospel. One such means already faithfully used by the PRC Mission Committee was that of the printed page. During the years that war was being waged in Europe and the south Pacific, various churches, especially First PRC in Grand Rapids, published pamphlets addressing diverse doctrinal and practical issues—many of them written by Rev. Herman Hoeksema.

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Keeping the Sword Drawn: Our Calling as the Church of the Militant Christ - Upcoming Lecture

Keeping the Sword Drawn: Our Calling as the Church of the Militant Christ - Upcoming Lecture

The true church is under vicious assault in these last days. Satan, having great wrath because he knows his time is short, is determined to destroy the divine truth that the church loves, believes, confesses and lives. False teachers with their damnable heresies are on every side. Pressures to sell the truth for the sake of unholy alliances mount. Iniquity of the vilest sort is sanctioned and celebrated in society. What shall the church do as she awaits the triumphant return...

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Video Now Available! - Kuyper's Common Grace 'Christianizing of Culture' Lecture

Weren't able to make it to the lecture or couldn't listen in? Here's your chance to watch the lecture!   You can also watch the Video and listen to the Audio at the lecture website. Visit the Question & Answers page for the Questions that will be answered soon via video or post a question you might have after watching or listening to the lecture online.   This lecture was sponsored by: Southwest PR Church Evangelism Committee

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Kuyper's Common Grace 'Christianizing of Culture'—Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide?

A public lecture, "Kuyper's Common Grace 'Christianizing of Culture'—Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide?" will be given at Sunshine Christian Reformed Church on the East Beltline in Grand Rapids, MI on September 26, 2014 sponsored by Southwest Protestant Reformed Church. The speaker will be David J. Engelsma, professor of theology in the Protestant Reformed Churches in America.  The occasion for the lecture is the significant project of the translation into English for the first time of the noted Dutch theologian and statesman, Abraham...

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