Victorious in Resurrection—Glory

He is risen! O, glorious victory! For the Royal Sufferer did not simply return from the grave, as did Lazarus whom once He raised from the dead: He went on! He is not here! He did not return into the likeness of our sinful flesh. He is no longer, He is not again in the sphere of weakness: He went on to power. He did not return to the sphere of dishonor: He went through to glory. He is not again clothed with mortality and corruptibility: He had put on immortality and incorruption! He no longer bears the image of the earthy: He stands revealed as the Lord from heaven!

Fear not ye! Rejoice! For He is risen as the first-fruits of them that slept! The full harvest of all His own is sure to follow! For presently the glorious Lord will ascend to His Father and our Father, and will receive the promise of the Holy Spirit. And in that Spirit He will come again, to make His own partakers of His resurrection life. He, the beginning of the resurrection will not rest until He has raised all His own, made them like unto Himself, and taken them with Him in the everlasting, heavenly tabernacle of God with men! He is risen! Fear not ye, but rejoice for evermore!

  • When I Survey, Book 2: The Royal Sufferer, Chapter 8: Victorious in Resurrection—Glory

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