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We have 84 Gold Star book club members so far. We are looking for just 16 more book club members to upgrade their membership to Gold Star to reach 100 Gold Star members. Are you one of those 16?

Upgrading to Gold Star membership means you will automatically receive all of the children’s books we publish in addition to your 4 yearly book club titles. If you appreciate the children’s books the RFPA has published in the past, please consider becoming a Gold Star member so that we can continue to produce edifying Reformed books for children and young people.


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What happens when I upgrade by book club membership to Gold Star?

Your membership helps us produce material that goes around the world

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Upgrade Your Book Club Membership To Gold Star

Upgrade Your Book Club Membership To Gold Star

Gold Star Membership

Did you know that the RFPA publishes more books than the four new book club releases that we send to book club members each year?

For example, just this past year we started reprinting Herman Hoeksema’s Lenten meditations from When I Survey, publishing these meditations in six separate books. The first book, The Amazing Cross, came out earlier this year in March. The second book, The Royal Sufferer, is scheduled to be released in March 2019. We also published a children’s book, T is for Tree, in April 2018. Another children's book will be released mid-December 2018, His Mercy Endureth Forever.

If you would like to receive all of our books, sign up for GOLD STAR membership by calling (616-457-5970) or emailing (, and we’ll add you to the growing list of people who receive all of our new publications.



New competitive pricing for children's books!

We're lowering our prices just in time for Christmas!

Come, Ye Children: A Bible Storybook for Young Children (was $47.95... NOW $36.95)

Gottschalk: Servant of God (hardcover) (ebook) (was $17.95... NOW $13.95)

T is for Tree: A Bible ABC (was $17.95... NOW $13.95)

His Mercy Endureth Forever: Psalm 136 ($13.95)

Book club members get 15% off the retail price on all children's books.


Order His Mercy Endureth Forever and get
Come, Ye ChildrenGottschalk, or T is for Tree 
at an additional 10% off!

(Use code: TENOFF)
expires December 31, 2018



RFPA Update Fall 2015 Issue

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Articles in this issue:

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New Sign and Landscaping

New RFPA Publications Coming in October 2015

The Triple Knowledge

Do you know...

The Standard Bearer

2015 RFPA Annual Meeting Recap

In Review: Faith Made Perfect

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