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Uproar Over the Humanizing of Fetuses

Have you heard about the Doritos advertisement that aired during the National Football League’s Super Bowl? It features the ultrasound image of a baby. The advertisement promotes the idea that the product is so good that the father can’t resist munching on the chips even while his wife is undergoing an ultrasound. They are so good that the baby in the womb starts reaching for them! There is more to the commercial, but the baby’s image and movement is what has...

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Not Letting Abortion Be Minimized

In an editorial in Reformed Perspective Jon Dykstra explains his response to a Canadian Politician’s claim that he is personally pro-life but understands party loyalty to mean that whenever legislation that has to do with abortion is up for consideration he must vote in line with his party which is pro-choice[1].  The politician is Lawrence MacAulay, a member of the Canadian parliament.  Dykstra quotes MacAulay as stating, “I accept and understand the party position regarding the woman’s right to choose.  Despite...

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