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True Prayer

True Prayer

This is an extract from chapter 1 of In the Sanctuary, by Herman Hoeksema, pages 11-12, published by the RFPA.


All true prayer contains the following elements:

1) It is a holy activity of the entire soul, proceeding from the regenerated heart, dominated by the Spirit of Christ.

2) It is such as activity of the believer as brings him consciously into the presence of God in the face of Christ Jesus, so that he presents himself before his face.

3) Hence, all true prayer is always an act of worship whereby the soul prostrates itself before the glory of God's infinite majesty in humble reverence.

4) It is an expression of a real sense of need, principally of God, and of his grace, and of a profound longing for him and his fellowship, and of the heartfelt desire that he hear us and fulfill our needs.

5) Finally, true prayer is the assurance and confidence that he will receive us and give unto us that which we ask of him, rooted in the consciousness of His great love to usward.

Briefly, prayer is the activity of the believer whereby he acknowledges the living God as the sole and overflowing fountain of all good and approaches that fountain with the earnest desire to drink from its blessed water of life.


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