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The Wonder of Grace — AVAILABLE AGAIN

The Wonder of Grace — AVAILABLE AGAIN

Faith is that altogether mysterious and wonderful spiritual power whereby the soul strikes its roots into Christ, to cling to him, appropriate him, and draw out of him all the glorious blessings of salvation which are in him—the forgiveness of sins, eternal righteousness, and life. The difference between a believer and an unbeliever is not unlike that between a living young tree and a dead fence post. You can plant that fence post deep into the ground, but you do not expect that it will show signs of life and develop branches and fruit. On the contrary, it will rot in the soil in which it is planted. But plant a young sapling in the same soil, and it will strike its roots into the ground, draw nourishment from it, grow and bear fruit. The same is true of a living, saving faith in relation to Christ. Bring the unbelieving, dead sinner into contact with Christ as he is revealed in the holy Scriptures, and there will be no saving reaction. On the contrary, there is a reaction of unbelief unto damnation. But if the believer is led to Christ through the preaching of the word, he will take hold of him, cling to him, strike the roots of his entire soul into him, and draw out of him all the spiritual nourishment necessary unto eternal life. What the roots are for the young tree, saving faith is for the believer in Christ: by faith the believer is rooted in him. And since Christ is revealed to us in the Scriptures, true faith always turns to them, has its delight in the word of God, is called into activity through the word preached, and constantly grows according as it increases in the knowledge and understanding of all that God has revealed to us in his word. The activity of a true and conscious faith, therefore, engages the entire soul, with mind and will and all our desires and inclinations. Through faith the whole soul fastens itself upon Christ.

 — Herman Hoeksema, The Wonder of Grace, 52-53.


The Wonder of Grace, by Herman Hoeksema


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