Unfolding Covenant History: Volumes 1-5 (ebook)

An Exposition of the Old Testament

by Homer C. Hoeksema

Unfolding Covenant History: Volumes 1-5 (ebook)

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Volume 1 - From Creation to the Flood

by Homer C. Hoeksema
368 pages

Volume 2 - From the Flood to Isaac
by Homer C. Hoeksema
328 pages

Volume 3 - From Jacob to the Exodus
by Homer C. Hoeksema
344 pages

Volume 4 - Through the Wilderness into Canaan
by Homer C. Hoeksema
414 pages

Volume 5 - Judges and Ruth
by David J. Engelsma
238 pages

Follow Old Testament history using God's covenant as the basis for a proper understanding of the unfolding events! Volumes 1-5 of an estimated 8-volume series are now available.

"These very readable volumes are a veritable treasure store into which, when the believer dips, he will surely increase his spiritual 
wealth." —The Outlook 

      ebook version available in .mobi format (for Kindle users) and .epub (all other devices).

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