Unfolding Covenant History: From Creation to the Flood - Volume 1 (ebook)

An Exposition of the Old Testament

by Homer C. Hoeksema

Unfolding Covenant History: From Creation to the Flood - Volume 1 (ebook)

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From Creation to the Flood is the first volume in Unfolding Covenant History, a series that will include Old Testament history syllabi written by the late Professor Homer C. Hoeksema and additional syllabi being written by Professor David J. Engelsma, his successor as Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament at the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches. 

Prior to the publication of this series, mainly seminarians were able to benefit from this valuable material. Recognizing the great potential for the edification and comfort to all of God's people, the Reformed Free Publishing Association has undertaken the publication of this work in a series of hardcover volumes at the rate of approximately one per year under the editorship of Mark H. Hoeksema, Professor Hoeksema's son.

The unique feature of these volumes, which distinguishes them from other such writings, is their emphasis on the theme of God's covenant of grace as the unifying principle of Old Testament history and of the very gospel itself. The appreciation for this truth by the reader will grow during the unfolding of the meaning of the covenant as history progresses through the books of the Old Testament.

Volume 1 covers Genesis 1:1 through Genesis 6, a small portion of the scriptures, yet a period that encompasses 1,650 years of biblical history. In this volume Professor Hoeksema shows that the "book of beginnings" has a significance that holds for God's people today and endures to the end of the ages.

  • 368 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-936054-97-8