Gottschalk FREE Bonus Material

by Connie L. Meyer

Gottschalk FREE Bonus Material

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The material includes Gottschalk's Shorter ConfessionLonger Confession and Extant Fragments.

Although Gottschalk’s Longer Confession was composed in prison as an explanation of his beliefs regarding the doctrines of predestination and sovereign grace over against those who taught differently, the Longer Confession is also written in the form of a prayer to God. This might seem surprising. Gottschalk’s intention was indeed to explain, defend, and prove these doctrines that he loved so much, but that also explains why he would write these things in the form of a prayer. His deep love for the truth was at the same time a deep love for God, and prayer is the chief means by which one directly expresses such love. Thus, Gottschalk’s Longer Confession became the profoundly devotional piece of writing that it is.

As with all of Gottschalk’s work, he wrote the original document in Latin. The English translations of the Longer Confession and the Extant Fragments are by Ronald Hanko and are used with his permission.