Prosperous Wicked and Plagued Saints

An Exposition of Psalm 73

by David J. Engelsma

Prosperous Wicked and Plagued Saints

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Prosperous Wicked and Plagued Saints  is a commentary on Psalm 73 that sets forth the truth of God’s goodness to his people in their trouble and of God’s curse of the wicked in their prosperity. In light of the teaching of Psalm 73, the book takes issue with a theory about earthly prosperity and earthly woe that, for all its strange popularity with Reformed and evangelical Christians, only intensifies the believer’s temptation to doubt in the hour of trouble: the theory of common grace.

  • 120 pages
  • paperback
  • ISBN 978-0-916206-96-3

ebook version available in .mobi format (for Kindle users) and .epub (all other devices).

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