Heritage Recordings

Heritage Recordings is an audio collection of previously unpublished, historic sermons and lectures by several Protestant Reformed ministers. Many of these recordings provide a rare glimpse into the history of the PRCA in the mid-twentieth century—crucial years regarding the survival of the denomination. Some of them have their origin in the controversy regarding the nature of the covenant. All of them are a ringing exposition and defense of the sovereignty of God in the salvation of his people. All of these recordings have been digitally remastered for highest sound quality. Learn more about these men and the contributions they made to the developing of the Reformed faith.

Standard Bearer Audio Downloads

The Standard Bearer is a semi-monthly, 24-page print magazine devoted to explaining and defending Reformed doctrine, promoting the Reformed life of the Church and believer, and combating old and new errors that threaten to disrupt the Reformed faith and life. For over 92 years, the Standard Bearer has boldly and unashamedly testified to the faith of the Protestant Reformation. This periodical was the first of the RFPA’s publications, first published in 1924, and today has more than 2,200 subscribers worldwide.