Particular Grace (ebook)

A Defense of God's Sovereignty in Salvation

by Abraham Kuyper

Particular Grace (ebook)

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"The Reformed Free Publishing Association has accomplished a breakthrough. For the first time, with the possible exception of Kuyper's work on the Holy Spirit, the Kuyper of sound Reformed doctrine and church reformation is presented to the English reading public…"

"The book is biblical, deliberately and pervasively so…"

"The book is controversial. It was controversial when it was written. It is still controversial in Reformed churches..."

By no means is the book only controversy. There is lively, warm explanation and development of the glorious gospel of salvation by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Kuyper is fresh. Kuyper is fervent. Kuyper storms the heart of the believer. 

Originally published in Dutch at the end of the nineteenth century, this explanation and development of the gospel of salvation by the grace of God in Jesus Christ was controversial then and continues to be so today.

"Reformed believers will surely be impressed with the power of the author's language and argument, the breadth of this acquaintance with past and contemporary discussion, and the cumulative weight of his case. They will also find Kuyper surprisingly fresh and pointed. Many contemporary denials of particular grace are anticipated by his arguments." — Mid-America Journal of Theology

  • 376 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-936054-36-7

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