Knowing God in the Last Days

Commentary on 2 Peter

by Mark H. Hoeksema

Knowing God in the Last Days

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Dr. Julian Kennedy

Rev. Martyn McGeown

Knowing God in the Last Days is an explanation of the general epistle of Peter to the early New Testament church. The primary theme of the letter is the knowledge of God, a concept that occurs many times and in various contexts throughout the book. This short epistle contains a wealth of instruction for the church today.

The secondary theme of 2 Peter is the application of the knowledge of God to the last days in which we live. Especially in his third chapter, Peter reveals to the church the knowledge of God as it relates to the end times.

Based on exegesis of the Greek text, this commentary gives clarity of explanation to God’s people regarding necessary and important aspects of today’s Christian life. May all who read be edified.

  • 96 pages
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1-944555-22-1

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