Rejected of Men (ebook)

by Herman Hoeksema

Rejected of Men (ebook)

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Taken from the foreword to the first edition:

That the rejection of our Lord, the Christ of God, by men, is not to be understood as a mere historical fact, but rather as a universal truth; that mere men, the flesh, must always reject the Christ of the scriptures; that, therefore, as we contemplate the cross of the Savior, we have nothing to boast, but must, in deep humiliation, confess our iniquity, and, putting away our own righteousness, trust in his righteousness only, and that, too, only through the power of God’s sovereign grace,—this has all the emphasis in the Lenten meditations that are hereby presented to the reader. The cross of Christ leaves no room for boast, yet, for those that boast in it, it is the sure ground of their salvation.

  • ISBN 978-1-944555-65-8

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