Bronze Home Library Starter Pack

Bronze Pack


Bronze Home Library Starter Pack

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$50.00Club Price $50.00

The Home Library Starter Pack makes a great gift for any occasion (weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.)! Choose from the Bronze Pack, the Silver Pack, or the Gold Pack.

For the Bronze Pack choose one book each from Categories 1, 2, and 3. 

Category 1 (choose 1 book):
Saved by Grace (reg. $17.95)
Federal Vision (reg. $17.95)
Studies in the Book of Genesis (reg. $14.95)
Unfolding Covenant History - Vol 1 (reg. $15.99)
We and Our Children (reg. $15.95)
Bound to Join (reg. $17.95)
Sin and Grace (reg. $16.95)

Category 2 (choose 1 book):
Peace for the Troubled Heart (reg. $28.95)
The Covenant of God and the Children of Believers (reg. $23.95)
Calvin’s Calvinism (reg. $27.95)
Covenant and Election in the Reformed Tradition (reg. $28.95)
Marriage: The Mystery of Christ and the Church (reg. $17.95)
Particular Grace (reg. $29.95)
Contending for the Faith (reg. $28.95)
Doctrine according to Godliness (reg. $34.95)

Category 3 (choose 1 book):
Justified unto Liberty (reg. $37.95)
Portraits of Faithful Saints (reg. $32.95)
Mysteries of the Kingdom (reg. $32.95)
Behold, He Cometh! (reg. $32.00)
Righteous by Faith Alone (reg. $41.95)
Redeemed with Judgment - Vol 1 (reg. $32.00)
The Reformed Faith of John Calvin (reg. $34.95)
Come, Ye Children (reg. $47.95)

When ordering this product, please write your selections from each category in the customer comments when processing the order. If you are ordering this as a gift and prefer to give the recipient a voucher for them to choose their own books, please let us know in the customer comments.


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