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Why join the book club? When you join our book club, you are committing to receive our new publications automatically, thus providing enough sales for the association to fund its next publication venture.

Our book club is a simple way to expand your home library and have good Reformed literature at your fingertips for an unbeatable price. More than 1000 members enjoy the perks of the book club, and you can too!


Member Benefits:
  • A great, affordable way to add edifying material to your library
  • Your membership helps the RFPA fund its future publications
  • Any individual is eligible to join the book club at any time, no initial purchase required
  • No membership fee!


  • Individual membership only (membership of resale companies or other organizations is prohibited) 
  • Members agree to buy all new RFPA publications at the book club discount price (4 titles per year; approximately $70/year)
  • By refusing or returning the book sent to you, in turn terminates your book club membership.
  • Our book club does not offer the option to pick and choose which titles you would like to receive.
  • 35% discount for members in the United States and 30% discount for International members on all RFPA publications (15% discount on children's books).
  • Members receive free shipping on all orders!
  • Members automatically receive one copy of each new book and are sent an invoice payable within 30 days (Canada, 60 days, all other countries, 90 days).
  • Upon joining, members commit to receiving their books in either print or ebook format.
  • Only Gold Star members*, who purchase new RFPA titles in hard copy format can receive the same title free in ebook format during the first 30 days after publication. (A code for the free ebook will be provided on your invoice to redeem online at
  • All other book club members, who have not upgraded to Gold Star*, may purchase the same title in ebook format for $2.99. 
  • If you choose to receive the ebook version of new publications, you will automatically receive an email alerting you that the book is available for download and are sent an invoice via email payable within 30 days. 

More benefits....
  • Old RFPA titles newly offered in ebook format can be purchased by book club members for $2.99.
  • Old RFPA titles that undergo significant or substantial changes, where a 2nd or revised edition is put on the title page will be defined as a new RFPA title. If Gold Star members purchase the 2nd or revised edition of this hard copy, they will be offered a free ebook of the same title during the first 30 days after publication.

*What is Gold Star membership?

Upgrading to Gold Star membership means you will  automatically receive all of the new titles we publish each year (book club releases and children's books).

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