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In his preaching and teaching, the Lord Jesus Christ does not quote directly from the book of Ecclesiastes. Jesus, rather, takes up the truth and concepts found in that book and expands on them in many of his parables. As such, the teachings of Ecclesiastes are part of the fabric of the gospel. The book undergirds the knowledge of the world as it is fallen in sin under God’s judgment. The world can afford us no salvation; man cannot deliver himself from bondage; under the sun the works of men do not profit; salvation, which is from above, is a work of God alone; God must enter into our misery in the person of his only begotten Son to save and redeem us. Under the sun, deliverance is not to be found, only vanity and death. Ecclesiastes points to the need for the work of God’s grace—in Christ, the true Savior—as the only solution to the fallen world and its vanity.

Thomas Miersma is minister emeritus in the Protestant Reformed Churches. During his ministry (1982–2017) he pastored two churches in Canada. He also labored in the United States for many years as Western Home Missionary.



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The Marriage Between Christ and His Church

What we are told about the relationship of Christ and his church applies to the calling of every one of us. Do you believe? Are you a child of God? Christ is your husband. According to Romans 7:4, we are married to him. To live in that consciousness is the heart of the Christian life, essential also to living joyfully in marriage.

Every Christian’s relationship to Jesus Christ is pictured in the institution of marriage. Using the biblical principles behind this institution, the author provides sound instruction to each one of us on the relationship we have with Christ, our head, and with other members of Christ’s church, the body. Practical instruction on topics such as right communication within marriage and in the church, the biblical roles of husband and of wife, and the calling to walk in the Spirit, will encourage Christians of every station and calling to live joyfully as members of Christ’s body.

Steven Key has been a minister of the gospel for over thirty-five years. This book is based on a series of sermons which he preached in the Protestant Reformed Church in Loveland, Colorado in 2015. Rev. Key married his wife Nancy in 1976, and they have four married daughters and sixteen grandchildren.

  • Pages: 240
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-944555-95-5



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Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma

On the night before he was betrayed Jesus ate his last meal with his disciples. The heavy weight of the cross bore down on him, yet his focus lay not on his own suffering, but on his imminent departure and what this meant for his disciples.

The Upper Room Discourse of John 14–16 records the words of great comfort Jesus gave his disciples. He must indeed go away from them. But by doing so Jesus would bridge the gap between creature and Creator; between earth and heaven; and between sinners and the holy, just God. Jesus is the way to the Father, and it was only through the way of the cross and his resurrection and ascension that his people could be reconciled to the Father and receive the Comforter and life.

With clear and pastoral applications to the church today, Martyn McGeown leads us into the upper room to hear Jesus’ instruction alongside the disciples. It is in the upper room that we receive Jesus’ exhortations and encouragement, heed his warnings, and appropriate his comfort through faith.

Martyn McGeown is a pastor in the Protestant Reformed Churches. He is the author of Called to Watch for Christ’s Return, Micah: Proclaiming the Incomparable God, Grace and Assurance: The Message of the Canons of Dordt, and Born for Our Salvation: The Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ.

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