Behold the Beauty - Art Curriculum (Kindergarten & First Grade)

Art Curriculum for Elementary Christian Education

by Connie L. Meyer

Behold the Beauty - Art Curriculum (Kindergarten & First Grade)

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 Click the pdf to view sample chapters. (First lesson sample is Kindergarten. Second lesson sample is First Grade).

This first volume in the three-volume art curriculum set, Behold the Beauty, is designed to be used by teachers or homeschooling parents for Kindergarten and first grade. The ultimate objective of every lesson is exactly as the title implies: to behold the beauty of creation and to praise God in doing that. As students learn to more closely observe creation while rendering what they see in pencil, paint, or other artistic media, they will be trained to meet that objective. In serving that goal, the lessons teach how to use the elements of art, such as line, shape, and color, while introducing the principles of design, such as unity, variety, and focal point. Not only do students learn to behold the evidence of God's glory all around them by these means, they also learn to make objects of beauty in order to communicate that glory to others. The curriculum is based on the infallible Scriptures, and the twelve lessons of each grade level comprise a thorough, biblical, and systematic art education.

Behold the Beauty was also written with practical considerations in mind: to assist instructors who have had little or no training in art. The lessons are clear and easy to use, requiring minimal supplies without compromising objectives.

The author, Connie L. Meyer, is a wife and mother of five children and is a 1982 graduate of Calvin College with a BA in art education. She has used the lessons with her children and has helped teachers teach art in their classrooms. 

  • 179 pages
  • softcover, spiral bound
  • ISBN: 978-0-916206-89-5

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What others have said about this curriculum:

"This book has been a great introduction to art fro my son. We've been using it for over a year now and have made many wonderful art projects. I even have his 2 yr. brother participate and he has fun. It teaches great art concepts and includes godly wisdom alongside."

"This is a great book. There is a small amount of prep (little more than making sure you have the materials), and no special skills required. I have been working through this with my 6 year old (started when she was 5. Her little brother also tries to do the projects (and is successful for the most part). Highly recommended."