Praise His Majesty

Psalter Arrangements for Beginning Pianists

by Marilyn DeVries

Praise His Majesty

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Praise His Majesty is a music book containing 254 Psalter (a songbook of Psalms) tunes arranged for beginning pianists. The 8½ by 11 book has a sturdy semi-concealed double wire binding and glossy nylon laminate covers. Teachers of piano will find this book a worthwhile supplement to their students’ course of study. Adults with limited experience on the piano may also find this book to be of value for their enjoyment. The beginning piano student will be able to play the first few songs after only a few piano lessons. The book gradually progresses to levels that are more difficult. Upon completion of this book, the student should be ready to play out of The Psalter itself.
  • 180 pages
  • softcover, spiral bound
  • ISBN 978-0-916206-92-5


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