Come, Ye Children

A Bible Storybook for Young Children

by Gertrude Hoeksema

Come, Ye Children

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This Bible storybook is one of the RFPA's best selling publications! Come, Ye Children has been a favorite for over twenty years! A Christian school teacher and gifted storyteller, the author tells 198 Bible stories from Genesis to Acts in language easily understood by young children. Each story is true to scripture and includes a thought to remember and an illustrative drawing.

This book is in its third edition, and for this current edition, the pictures have been edited so that they no longer include pictures of Christ.

  • 606 pages
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-0-916206-27-7

"All Christian homes, schools, and church libraries should definitely add this to their holdings." Christian Observer

"Each story is scripturally sound and written from a Reformed perspective, with the covenant theme woven throughout." The Outlook

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