Trinity and Covenant (ebook)

God As Holy Family

by David J. Engelsma

Trinity and Covenant (ebook)

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Can believers and their children understand more about God’s covenant fellowship with his people with his people if they have a better understanding of the inner, triune life of God in himself? Does the life of Jesus Christ revealed in the Holy Scriptures help? What have Augustine, John Calvin, Karl Barth, Leonardo Boff and others offered on this topic?

Trinity and Covenant: God as Holy Family by Professor David Engelsma answers these questions and more.

In the light of profound insights of Augustine, following the lead of certain theologians in the Reformed tradition, and on the basis of the Holy Scripture, this book conceives the life of God in himself as fundamentally family fellowship. The fellowship of the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit determines the nature of God’s works in the creating and redeeming humanity. The reader of this book will grow in the understanding of God’s covenant fellowship with his people.

    • 158 pages
    • ISBN 978-1-936054-44-2

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