Silver Home Library Starter Pack

Silver Pack


Silver Home Library Starter Pack

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$65.00Club Price $65.00

The Home Library Starter Pack makes a great gift for any occasion (weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.)! Choose from the Bronze Pack, the Silver Pack, or the Gold Pack.

For the Silver Pack choose two books from Category 1; choose one book each from Categories 2 and 3: 

Category 1 (choose 2 books):
Saved by Grace (reg. $17.95)
Federal Vision (reg. $17.95)
Studies in the Book of Genesis (reg. $14.95)
Unfolding Covenant History - Vol 1 (reg. $15.99)
We and Our Children (reg. $15.95)
Bound to Join (reg. $17.95)
Sin and Grace (reg. $16.95)

Category 2 (choose 1 book):
Peace for the Troubled Heart (reg. $28.95)
The Covenant of God and the Children of Believers (reg. $23.95)
Calvin’s Calvinism (reg. $27.95)
Covenant and Election in the Reformed Tradition (reg. $28.95)
Marriage: The Mystery of Christ and the Church (reg. $17.95)
Particular Grace (reg. $29.95)
Contending for the Faith (reg. $28.95)
Doctrine according to Godliness (reg. $34.95)

Category 3 (choose 1 book):
Justified unto Liberty (reg. $37.95)
Portraits of Faithful Saints (reg. $32.95)
Mysteries of the Kingdom (reg. $32.95)
Behold, He Cometh! (reg. $32.00)
Righteous by Faith Alone (reg. $41.95)
Redeemed with Judgment - Vol 1 (reg. $32.00)
The Reformed Faith of John Calvin (reg. $34.95)
Come, Ye Children (reg. $47.95)

When ordering this product, please write your selections from each category in the customer comments when processing the order. If you are ordering this as a gift and prefer to give the recipient a voucher for them to choose their own books, please let us know in the customer comments.


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